777 - An initiative from Rotaract District 3190

Have you ever experienced the joy of providing someone with a job opportunity? It’s a unique feeling. Rotaract 3190 has committed to providing 777 Rotaractors with placements or internships in the next seven months.

What’s in for Rotaractors?

  • A good job opportunity
  • Choose a carrier options with us 
  • Good paid internships and full-time job opportunities 
  • Personality development skills, Workshops and many more. 
  • Joy of giving back to society 

What’s in for Recruiters?

  • You will get to meet young and energetic candidates 
  • A platform to hire Rotaractors.
  • Involved in the process of hiring with Rotaract District Organization 3190 
  • Involved in the community service projects under Rotaract District organization 3190. 
  • Joy of giving back to society 

What do you need to do?

Steps To Follow

  •  Look into the following stream and companies mentioned below which you are interested in, read the job description and if the job matches your expectation kindly fill the Google form and submit it. 
  • Interested candidates has to select the respective zones you belong and fill the Google form for the registration process. 
  • Our volunteers will get in touch with you and help you to get your interview scheduled with the company.
  • During the process of selection the point of contact will be volunteer who will get in touch with you 
  • Be ready when the recruiter gives you a valuable time 
  • You will get the communications from volunteers and HR’s 
  • If you get placed, then you are liable to donate INR 77 to Rotaract District 3190 as a donation which will be utilized for community service projects which you will be involved. 

Steps To Follow

  • Get in touch with the District Professional Development Directors of 3190 via filling the form.
  • District directors will get on a call and understand the requirements of the company. 
  • The interested companies need to sign an MOU with Rotaract District Organization 3190. Download the MOU document here.
  • Volunteers will be assigned to particular companies and all the communications stream lines will take place only through them.
  • Provide the available slots to volunteers so that they can arrange the 1st level of screening via zoom 
  • Post upon the confirmation of the candidates, the company is liable to pay INR 700 to Rotaract District  Organization 3190 as a donation which will be used for community service projects 
Recruiter company will be involved in the projects under Rotaract District organization 3190

Companies Job Opening

Terms & Conditions 

  • Before you register make sure you go through the job opening details 
  • Read the job description and then register through your respective zones by mentioning the company name 
  • Make sure you join the respective Whatsapp group for further communication 
  • Respect the valuable time which company HR’s are providing 
  • Make sure to maintain the decorum of Rotaract District Organization 3190 when you are in the process of hiring 
  • For any queries please get in touch with the respective volunteers.

Registration for Rotaractors

Terms & Conditions 

  • Candidates who are registering, make sure you fill the respective zone you belong 
  • Once after you fill the Google form, make sure you join the respective Whatsapp group mentioned for further communications. 
  • Your point of contact will be the volunteer who will be sharing the details about the job openings and internship opportunity. 
  • Any information need please do contact the respective zone volunteer. 
  • Share every information with the volunteers as requested 

Our Partnering Clubs

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A Rotaract District 3190 Initiative

Your kind donation for our community service projects will enable us serve towards the betterment of the society   

For any queries, contact via mail :
Rtr. Shreyanka  
Project Chair
PP Rtr. Nida R Syed 
District Professional Development Communication Director 2021-22
PP Rtr. Sandesh B
District Professional Development Execution Director 2021-22